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Bugle Boy

The major theme of “Bugle Boy” is to tell the story of the deep relationship that develops between Andrew, the bugle boy, and his grandfather Wesley in the setting of the Civil War 1861 to 1865. It is a historically accurate account of the Union Army’s 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) as they battled theContinue reading “Bugle Boy”


A Water Journey

  The children’s story of an Indian boy, Wind Spirit, and his river journey to meet his friend, Raven Maiden Samuel Bowman Cookson and his grandfather, Mark Allen North The journey of a young Indian boy to visit a likable girl began many years ago.  Several tribes of Indians lived on the shores of aContinue reading “A Water Journey”

Book Release – Concordant Vibrancy 4: Inferno

Originally posted on The Indie Spot!:
Greetings, one and all! If you’ve been following along this past week and a half you probably already know that this is the day that everything has been leading to. During day one we introduced you to the ingredient of Purpose. Adonis Mann brought up, “Express-Oh”. Day two we…

Strange Hwy by Beem Weeks

5-star Review   I received a hardcover copy of Strange Hwy by Beem Weeks as a gift. I had read the author’s other two books, so when I heard he had another collection of short stories, I dropped enough hints to get it for my birthday. I read this book with high expectations. I likeContinue reading “Strange Hwy by Beem Weeks”