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11/30/22 Guest Jerry Pait (Encore Episode)

Originally posted on Voice of Indie Podcast:
Lieutenant Commander Gerald L. Pait was born in Hamlet, North Carolina, in May 1946. He was a self-described free-range kid living in a small rural railroad town where everyone knew everyone. He joined the Navy right out of high school and found himself on the open bridge of…


Stop by and say hello! #VoiceofIndiePodcast #VoiceofIndie #AuthorInterview @VoiceOfIndie #WritingCommunity #AuthorSupport #IndieAuthor — Author D.L. Finn

Hello! Later today I’m thrilled to be a guest on Voice of Indie Podcast with hosts, Stephen Geez and Beem Weeks. The show starts at 5:00 PST, my time, or 8:00 EST. You can always listen later if you can’t make it. I’ve been catching up on all their great shows and added them to… StopContinue reading “Stop by and say hello! #VoiceofIndiePodcast #VoiceofIndie #AuthorInterview @VoiceOfIndie #WritingCommunity #AuthorSupport #IndieAuthor — Author D.L. Finn”

An Impressive Debut — The Indie Spot!

Rating: ★★★★★ The Blurb Lippert was thrown into the bowels of the Michigan Department of Corrections as a seventeen-year-old adolescent. He remained entrenched in a world of malfeasance for the next forty years. With astonishing honesty, he reveals the raw details of what a life of incarceration looks like from the inside. His observations of […]Continue reading “An Impressive Debut — The Indie Spot!”

Welcome to the “BOUND’ED BY CHAINS” Blog Tour! @FRStepnowski @4WillsPub #RRBC

Originally posted on Stephen Geez Blog:
? About the Book BOUND; The Lost Romanticism and Eroticism of Gay Men. Allow yourself to give in to your deepest fantasies, desires, and sensual dreams, BOUND is a collection of poetic works exploring the world of eroticism, romanticism, and fantasies of gay men of all ages. Walk through…

Welcome to the “GRANDMOTHERS: A FORCE FOR GOOD” Blog Tour! @HealthMN1 @4WillsPub #RRBC #RWISA

Originally posted on The Indie Spot!:
Greetings! Today I am honored to welcome author Harriet Hodgson to The Indie Spot. Excerpt from The Grandma Force Readers remember stories more than statistics. I use personal stories to emphasize points and link me to readers. This is my favorite story in The Grandma Force. It was early…