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11/30/22 Guest Jerry Pait (Encore Episode)

Originally posted on Voice of Indie Podcast:
Lieutenant Commander Gerald L. Pait was born in Hamlet, North Carolina, in May 1946. He was a self-described free-range kid living in a small rural railroad town where everyone knew everyone. He joined the Navy right out of high school and found himself on the open bridge of…


FREE Short Story Contest!

Free short story contests! Fresh Ink Group is taking submissions for their Say Something contest. Short fiction that makes a point. No fee. Open to all. Write in any genre. The best will earn a spot in Fresh Ink Group Short Story Showcase #2. Visit the FIG site today!

Fresh Ink Group Offers Half-Price on Video Book Trailers!

Multi-media indie publisher Fresh Ink Group is running a half-price sale on their video book trailers. Regularly $198, get yours now for just $99. Fresh Ink Group can customize a video to your specifications and needs. Voice overs, music, live action video, and animation! Fresh Ink Group does it all. Stop by and see what Fresh InkContinue reading “Fresh Ink Group Offers Half-Price on Video Book Trailers!”

A New Release from J. Ajlouny!

Surprising Insights, Many Laughs, and a Tear or Two Every person has a private life and a secret self. This is true of those we know and people we only know because they are famous. Discover fascinating, intimate, clever, witty, poignant, insightful tales from a diverse roster of notable women who dare reveal both theContinue reading “A New Release from J. Ajlouny!”

Bugle Boy

The major theme of “Bugle Boy” is to tell the story of the deep relationship that develops between Andrew, the bugle boy, and his grandfather Wesley in the setting of the Civil War 1861 to 1865. It is a historically accurate account of the Union Army’s 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) as they battled theContinue reading “Bugle Boy”

A Water Journey

  The children’s story of an Indian boy, Wind Spirit, and his river journey to meet his friend, Raven Maiden Samuel Bowman Cookson and his grandfather, Mark Allen North The journey of a young Indian boy to visit a likable girl began many years ago.  Several tribes of Indians lived on the shores of aContinue reading “A Water Journey”

Stop by and say hello! #VoiceofIndiePodcast #VoiceofIndie #AuthorInterview @VoiceOfIndie #WritingCommunity #AuthorSupport #IndieAuthor — Author D.L. Finn

Hello! Later today I’m thrilled to be a guest on Voice of Indie Podcast with hosts, Stephen Geez and Beem Weeks. The show starts at 5:00 PST, my time, or 8:00 EST. You can always listen later if you can’t make it. I’ve been catching up on all their great shows and added them to… StopContinue reading “Stop by and say hello! #VoiceofIndiePodcast #VoiceofIndie #AuthorInterview @VoiceOfIndie #WritingCommunity #AuthorSupport #IndieAuthor — Author D.L. Finn”

An Impressive Debut — The Indie Spot!

Rating: ★★★★★ The Blurb Lippert was thrown into the bowels of the Michigan Department of Corrections as a seventeen-year-old adolescent. He remained entrenched in a world of malfeasance for the next forty years. With astonishing honesty, he reveals the raw details of what a life of incarceration looks like from the inside. His observations of […]Continue reading “An Impressive Debut — The Indie Spot!”

Discussing Books, Writing, Inspiration, and Reviews: A YouTube Interview! — The Indie Spot!

I was honored to be invited for an interview on Smart Cherry’s Thoughts YouTube channel back in December. We talked about writing, my books, where inspiration comes from, and opinions on positive versus negative reviews. Here is that interview. Discussing Books, Writing, Inspiration, and Reviews: A YouTube Interview! — The Indie Spot!