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11/30/22 Guest Jerry Pait (Encore Episode)

Encore of a fantastic episode.

Voice of Indie Podcast

VOI 122 Placard - Pait Encore

Lieutenant Commander Gerald L. Pait was born in Hamlet, North Carolina, in May 1946. He was a self-described free-range kid living in a small rural railroad town where everyone knew everyone. He joined the Navy right out of high school and found himself on the open bridge of a diesel submarine in a north Atlantic storm several months later. Before he completed his thirty-year career, Jerry worked his way up to leading sonar technician on his diesel sub and then graduated to nukes where he ultimately became Chief-of-the- Boat before being awarded a commission for his outstanding service. Ashore, he managed test missile launches for the entire east coast submarine fleet and coordinated NASA’s down-range space shuttle launch recovery efforts, climbing to the rank of Lieutenant Commander before he finally retired to a civilian position where he continued to serve the Navy’s and NASA’s needs.



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Published by markallennorth

Retired educator, Bendix Aerospace designer/engineer, industrialist, and Michigan native Mark Allen North has published numerous technical and academic articles, primarily in the field of human-factors design. More recently, he published his memoir, Time Past—Time Present. Studies of Native American spirituality led to Valiant Lady, his third novel in the series that began with Intreprid Lady and Courageous Lady. He also writes children’s books, including A Water Journey, the story of a young Indian boy’s adventures; and Bugle Boy, the story of a young boy serving in his grandfather’s company during the Civil War.

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