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A New Release from J. Ajlouny!


Surprising Insights, Many Laughs, and a Tear or Two

Every person has a private life and a secret self. This is true of those we know and people we only know because they are famous. Discover fascinating, intimate, clever, witty, poignant, insightful tales from a diverse roster of notable women who dare reveal both the unknown and the previously undisclosed. But these are not gossipy tales-no. They are personal, anecdotal, always-meaningful stories for quiet reading, sharing aloud, even performing from the stage.

Illustrated with whimsical portraits that capture these remarkable celebrities at their best, Whoopi Likes Her Bacon Crispy is offered in laminate hardcover, soft, and digital editions. Come away with a richer appreciation of these talented women, and smile for permitting them to entertain you in unexpected and delightful ways.

Grab a copy today! 

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Published by markallennorth

Retired educator, Bendix Aerospace designer/engineer, industrialist, and Michigan native Mark Allen North has published numerous technical and academic articles, primarily in the field of human-factors design. More recently, he published his memoir, Time Past—Time Present. Studies of Native American spirituality led to Valiant Lady, his third novel in the series that began with Intreprid Lady and Courageous Lady. He also writes children’s books, including A Water Journey, the story of a young Indian boy’s adventures; and Bugle Boy, the story of a young boy serving in his grandfather’s company during the Civil War.

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